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From small farm installations to large commercial grain operations, Westeel Catwalks are a game changer. Built for flexibility and adaptability, Westeel engineers optimize every system to its specific site location, providing an incredibly cost-effective solution.

Westeel Catwalks and Goal Posts are designed for versatility. They’re customizable to support everything from light loads to very high capacity conveyors of over 400 tonnes/hour (≈14,700 bushels/hour*) with minimal use of towers, greatly reducing materials and installation costs.

Provided with our PTM Technology chain and belt conveyors and bucket elevators, we offer everything you need to move, store and protect your grain with confidence.

Key benefits:

  • Customized solution for every site
  • Customized for weather conditions and seismic zones
  • Fits most bins/conveyors and can link to existing buildings
  • Westeel bins and catwalks support high capacity loads, minimizing the costly use of towers
  • Engineered and precisely manufactured to the highest standards
  • Easy to transport, assemble and install
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe and code compliant including EN ISO 14122-1, 14122‑2, 14122-3, 14122-4 and ANSI A1264.1-1995 (R2002).
  • Conveyor support points every meter (39⅜") for ease of assembly and installation of all types of conveyors
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