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Car/Truck Wash Installations

Advanced Technology Structures is on the leading edge of new building designs for de- manding applications and environments.

Our Buildings have been tested for many extreme environments such as heat, cold, humidity, chemical resistance, and are de- signed to provide low maintenance facilities.

Our easy assembly systems have almost no steel components to rust or deteriorate.

We feature flexible building designs and lay- outs suitable for virtually all applications with spans up to 50 feet (16meters)

Insulation values of R-34 provide energy savings that go directly into your pocket.

The structures come complete and do not require additional finishing, inside or out.

Why buy ATS Structures:

• Easy to erect

• No heavy equipment required

• High insula on values (R-34)

• No addi onal nishing required

• Easy to sani ze and sterilize

• Versa le for custom applica ons

• Meets all clima c condi ons

• Permanent or easy to relocate

• Value for your money

• Energy saving means $$ in your pocket

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