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ContraFlo Cabinet: Reverse flow cabinet for efficient, low cost design We are proud to launch our newest line of Cabinets for the raised floor data center. Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet completely isolates the IT cooling from the rest of the facility. Automated airflow controls reduce energy costs and provide the most efficient use of the data centers IT cooling capacity. Cabinet level containment helps maximize the opportunity for air-side economiThe ContraFlo cabinet turns airflow upside down to offer an alternative to hot aisle containment or chimney designs. Using a raised floor plenum as the return plenum, ContraFlo can simplify the requirements needed to successfully isolate hot exhaust air. Using any flooded room approach the cool air is supplied to the IT equipment through a typical perforated front cabinet door. ContraFlo then uses a solid roof and rear doors to channel the exhaust air down through a high volume airflow panel into the raised floor plenum, isolating it from the cool air in the room. Pressure differential monitoring is used at the rack level to maintain accurate airflow delivery at all times, ensuring no more energy than required is used for cooling the space.

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