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Building Solutions

Since its beginning, Automated Logic has focused on one objective: to develop innovative, intelligent building automation systems that advance operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. All of our hardware and software products contribute to an intelligent building ecosystem — buildings that are designed to maximize occupant comfort, while ensuring energy savings.

With the introduction of the Internet came new opportunities for building control technologies to combine with the new global communications platform. Unlike other systems that merely adapted to the web, WebCTRL®, Automated Logic’s web-based building automation system, adopted emerging web technologies, creating the industry’s most open, integrated and full-featured intelligent building control system.

For the first time, we had the ability to access information and control buildings from anywhere, using a variety of different devices. Fast forward to the present: Automated Logic is still a world leader in energy solutions, constantly creating new technology that makes it easier than ever to analyze, understand and properly manage your facility.

Our intelligent building solutions strive to provide energy efficiency and cost savings to our customers. Our WebCTRL product offers features such as OpenADR, occupancy-based controls, Environmental Index™ tool, utility metering and Energy Reports™ package, that allow you to maximize both occupant comfort and energy savings. At Automated Logic, we make data big to make buildings intelligent.

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