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Building Information Modeling / Virtual design construction [VDC2]  - Areas of Expertise | Haag 3D Solutions

Building Information Modeling / Virtual design construction [VDC2]

Building Information Modeling / Virtual design construction [VDC2] Building Information Modeling is an endlessly useful way to economically oversee a building through its entire life cycle, from initial design to eventual demolition. Haag 3D Solutions brings endless flexibility to the BIM process itself. What’s your preferred software platform? We’ll gladly work with that. H3DS also works with clients to determine the file format, level of detail, and scope of work that are appropriate to the project, its budget and schedule. Our past collaborators represent the full diversity of AEC industry professionals — architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, software and hardware manufacturers and others. The uses to which they put our services are equally diverse: Virtual Construction and Coordination (VCC), support of project estimates, 3D site logistics analysis, project schedule animation, visualization of specific construction work, and clash detection of MEP systems. Analyses such as these allow H3DS to provide input much sooner than conventional methods. Conflicts are identified and resolved sooner, saving the owner time and money.

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