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Our work with older buildings runs the gamut: we troubleshoot common problems like leaks; help owners assess their needs and catch up on deferred maintenance; and convert heritage structures into modern, high-performance facilities.  

The same tools and skills we use to create enclosures for new buildings can deliver significant value to the owners and occupants of existing buildings. Clients who are considering the sale or purchase of a building – or making plans for a major capital improvement – benefit from our detailed condition assessments. 

Our building enclosure consultants offer expert insight on every part of a building that keeps the interior warm and dry – from curtain walls and roofs to windows and waterproofing strategies. In addition to helping to repair or upgrade these elements of your enclosure system, we can test their performance using state-of-the-art tools. 

Excellent building enclosure performance delivers benefits far beyond thermal comfort for building occupants. With stack effect studies and other modeling work, we provide useful guidance on issues ranging from door operability to pedestrian wind at building entrances to smoke management. 


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