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Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Innovative & Sustainable Flame Retardants in Building and Construction

Presentation of non-halogenated PIN flame retardant solutions for different materials and applications in building and construction, including standards and testing of resistance to fire, fire classification and fire performance of building materials, health and environment, manufacturing processes. Building materials are becoming increasingly complex, energy efficient and comfortable, but are also increasingly flammable, so that flame retardants are needed to prevent fire starting or stop fires spreading. This 56 page pinfa flame retardancy guide covers fire safety of profiles and composites (thermoplastics, thermosets), cables (PVC, HFFR), films and sheets, insulation materials (polyurethane foams, polystyrenes, polyolefins, natural insulation materials), building textiles, reactive coatings and sealants, flooring, waterproofing membranes. Edited by Alexander B. Morgan.

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