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Bronze Craft: Custom Bronze, Aluminum, Brass Casting; Non-Ferrous

Bronze Craft: Custom Bronze, Aluminum, Brass Casting; Non-Ferrous

Casting Capabilities

Bronze Craft utilizes state of the art technology and process controls for all of our casting projects. Our core casting capabilities include working with bronze, brass, and aluminum alloys. All of our castings are non-ferrous and are customized to your project. We focus on complying with the environmental aspects of the casting process to ensure a clean and safe workplace. Bronze Craft is a high volume manufacturing facility and has minimum pricing structures in place for new castings. Bronze Craft may not be the right resource for low volume production projects. Bronze Craft operates two automatic molding machines, all with 14"x19" flask sizes. This allows our foundry to maintain product consistency that meets Bronze Craft’s high quality standards. Bronze Craft is capable of casting parts up to 25 pounds in weight and that have rough dimension of 10" x 10" x 4". Please contact our Engineering Department for more details.

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