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Box Truck Film: A Reuse & Tiny House Fusion | Crowdfund Great Experiences & Activities in Your Community!

Box Truck Film: A Reuse & Tiny House Fusion

Alex Eaves and Derek “Deek” Diedricksen will be transforming a box truck into a mobile reuse education center and living space, combining their knowledge of reuse and building tiny homes. For those not familiar with the tiny home movement, a tiny home is a house smaller than 400 square feet. Like reusing, tiny homes are a great way to save resources, money, and time. This second life for the truck will provide a way for people to see the benefits of reusing and how they can reduce waste in their own lives. Alex and Deek will be reusing every step of the way: from the truck to the materials to the screws. They will show people how, with a little more thought and creativity, reuse is everywhere and it's not only beneficial to our planet, but it benefits us and our wallets too. The truck will be based in Massachusetts, but it will surely be traveling.

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