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Blazin' Corn, Blazin Corn, corn fuel, alternative heating fuel source for pellet stoves and boilers

Blazin' Corn

Blazin' Corn As part of our ongoing commitment to producing New England’s Finest Sod, we employ crop rotation on our farm - a practice which keeps pests, disease, and weeds to a minimum. One of the crops we use in our rotation is corn and since 2009 Sodco has offered our Blazin’ Corn product as an alternative heating fuel source for pellet stoves and boilers. Corn fuel can be a feasible way of dealing with the high prices of more conventional fuels, such as oil or gas. Corn fuel is also an environmentally friendly heating source, resulting in no net increase in carbon in the atmosphere and posing no environmental dangers due to spills or leaks. It is also nearly smoke free and pollutant free and, unlike a wood fire, corn fuel produces a pleasant smell. All corn used in our Blazin’ Corn product is grown on our farm in Slocum, Rhode Island. The corn is harvested, dried, and bagged on site. We even heat our entire company with our own corn fuel – the oil truck has not made a delivery to our farm since 2009! Blazin’ Corn’s premium corn pellets are available in 40lb bags and 1- ton orders (either a 1 ton bulk bag or fifty 40lb bags). Orders can be picked up at our farm or can be scheduled for delivery in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Vermont.

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