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Blast Doors | Pressure Resistant Doors | SDI

Blast Doors | Pressure Resistant Doors

Blast Resistant Doors Blast resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel. The test footage above shows how effective blast resistant doors are from preventing devastating shrapnel from entering a room. The DOD, DOE, Department of Homeland Security, and petrochemical industry building standards are increasingly requiring blast resistant doors. The most common buildings for these blast doors include government buildings, refineries, and chemical storage, among others. SDI-133 (Blast Information) provides definitions and covers how to properly request a quote or specify blast resistant assemblies. For an abridged presentation of SDI-133, view our Blast Resistant Assemblies PowerPoint. SDI member manufacturers have excellent blast resistant door assemblies and should be contacted for more information. Click a logo below to visit their website.

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