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Biomass Fuel: Clean, Consistent Hardwood Chips from

Biomass Fuel

Biomass Fuel: Locally Produced Sustainable Energy for New England We have supplied wood chip fuel for the the wood boilers at Bennington College and Mt. Wachusett Community College as well as many other facilities in New England that utilize biomass energy. Hull Forest Products is a leading wholesaler of hardwood wood chips in New England, supplying commercial, industrial, and educational biomass heating systems with timely deliveries of clean, consistent hardwood wood chips. In addition to our wood chips produced as a lumber byproduct, we harvest hardwood pulp for chip, paper, and fiberboard markets in the U.S., Canada, and overseas. One ton of woodchips has the energy equivalent of approximately 60 gallons of #2 heating oil, and our chip resource has the capacity to offset more than 12 million gallons of oil per year with local, homegrown, renewable energy.

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