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Biodegradability Testing | Situ Biosciences LLCBiodegradability Testing

Biodegradability Testing

Biological degradation assessments are performed to determine a material’s degradation performance under test conditions that best represent its intended use and disposal environment. The most common conditions for assessing degradation include municipal compost and biologically active landfill facilities, and freshwater and seawater environments. For building developers that want to address environmental impact, assessing aqueous biodegradation of cleaning and personal care products used within the building can be of great importance. Hand soaps, toilet cleaners, and other products that are intended to be disposed of down the drain are great candidates for increasing the use of biodegradable products. Products that meet aqueous biodegradability standards for ready biodegradability are anticipated to rapidly degrade in an aqueous environment, which decreases the potentially negative impact a product may have on the surrounding ecosystem. Come visit us at booth # 1559! We'd like to talk more about Biodegradability testing services at our lab! Want to contact us now? Feel free to contact us at 847-483-9950 or; or visit our website at

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