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BIM is the acronym of “Building Information Modeling” and it is defined by the National Institutes of Building Science as ”the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of an object”.
Therefore BIM is not a product or a software but a “box where the project information are”, in which the graphic data (like drawings) and specific technical features (like technical data sheet) are, also connected to the life cycle of the project.

BIM has been developed to find the collaboration between the designers and architects, connection of the software, the integration between procedures and sustainability.
These components are called PBIM (Product Building Information Modeling). They are virtual models relating to manufacturing products that can be used into BIM (Building Information Modeling) process.
The PBIM models includes useful information to support all the phases of building lifecycle.
A three-dimensional model can be defined BIM-compliant only if it can meet the real needs of BIM oriented design, a design suitable not only to the communication of Graphic data but also to the transmission of Information data, in different Levels of Detail.


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