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Bi-Fold Doors - Bi Fold Doors

Bi Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors Options Sizes Materials & finishes Functions Hardware Glass Ready to get started? Get a Quote! Our window and door products specialists can assist you with a preliminary quote that will cover sizes, options and hardware, approximate costs and delivery and/or installation dates. Contact us Today! 203.579.5157 or Email us at: quotes@ Technical Catalog Download our Technical Catalog to learn more about BrombalUSA products. Click Graphic to Download Catalog Download Bi-Fold Doors Bi-fold doors are excellent in areas where unobstructed views are required. Utilizing our OS2 system you get the energy performance benefits of a Thermally Broken system, narrow sightlines, which are much smaller than aluminum, and you can span wider and taller openings due to the structural stability of the steel sections. Units can hinge from the inside, outside, or in the center to take maximum advantage of the available space. Each unit is designed specifically for the opening. Custom hardware is utilized to create either a flush sill or step as required. The first leaf can operate independently with a multi point lock to serve as the primary door. The adjacent leaf can offer a French door application. Units can slide in one direction or can part in the middle.

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