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Beyond Buildings - Research and Evaluation

Beyond Buildings - Research and Evaluation

Better Buildings Start with Better Science

Our research work includes analytical studies utilizing advanced modeling tools such as WUFI, Ecotect, and THERM, product development in conjunction with leading manufacturers, and field testing and monitoring of new and emerging technologies. These may be new residential products, new construction methods, or the integration of several technologies into a multifunctional system. Our focus is to provide a thorough understanding of how building systems operate under real-world conditions and why that may vary from initial expectations.

Our evaluation services include the development of test protocols, installation of dataloggers / sensors, analysis of field data, and technical reporting on research findings. Findings can be presented in different formats including written reports, seminars, quality installation guides for contractors, and educational brochures for consumers.

We have conducted numerous short- and long-term monitoring studies for the Department of Energy, NYSERDA, Long Island Power Authority, Connecticut Light & Power, National Grid, NSTAR, and others. Recent products and technologies have included:

Heat pump water heaters

Condensing boilers

Whole-house ventilation systems (exhaust-only, HRV/ERV, CO2 override)

Ground-source heat pumps

Advanced insulation systems

Solar thermal and solar electric systems

Pre-production HVAC prototypes

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