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Whole-room clean

The BetterAir Biotica800 has the power to purify not just the air in your home, but every object and surface, where 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted from.

Helps alleviate allergies & asthma

BetterAir’s proprietary probiotics actively consume the harmful allergens that trigger these allergicreactions.

Restores natural ecology

The BetterAir system is all about rebalancing the natural biome of your home by resetting and purifying indoor ecology.

Next-generation air purification technology

Unlike HEPA Filters, electrostatic or UV air purifiers that affect all bacteria indiscriminately, both good and bad, the Biotica800 disperses beneficial bacteria that even penetrate objects and surfaces to crowd the bad bacteria out.

Reduces transmission of diseases

The Biotica800 minimizes the transmission of infectious diseases by reducing the presence of indoor pathogens that can overwhelm our immune systems.

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