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Berridge Manufacturing Company - HR-16 Panel

Berridge HR-16 Panel

The Berridge HR-16 metal wall panel is a versatile and maintenance free panel that can be installed horizontally or vertically. This multi-purpose panel provides a 4" narrow rib appearance that can be used on open framing or solid sheathing applications and can interlock with the HS-8 and HS-12 panels. 


  • 24 and 22 Gauge Steel
  • 0.032 Aluminum


  • Uses: Wall, Fascia, Screen Wall, Berridge Fencing System
  • Coverage: 16"
  • Finishes: Smooth
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Vertical on Fencing (see page 40);horizontal or vertical over open framing or solid sheathing for other uses
  • Pattern: 7/8" height and 4" rib with 2" reveal

For more information about HR-16 panel, please visit product page below. 


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