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Benchmarking and Certification Assessments

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Rivion recognizes that a strategic approach to energy management begins with tracking a property’s performance and identifying opportunities for savings. Understanding the energy and water usage of different space types associated with a typical building (such as office, retail, data centers, office server rooms, parking) is integral to sustainable and efficient building operation.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

GRESB is engaged in assessing the sustainability performance of real asset sector portfolios and assets in public, private and direct sectors worldwide. It offers ESG data, scorecards, benchmark reports and portfolio analysis tools. Assessments collect information on the sustainability performance of companies, funds, and assets, including information on performance indicators, such as energy, GHG emissions, water and waste.

Certification Assessments

New construction and existing facilities alike can be assessed for certification through several rating systems including LEED v2009 and v4 (as available), the LEED Performance Path, Fitwel, and Well.

Working closely with key project personnel, Rivion reviews current building operations for existing buildings and concept/ design documents for new construction projects to prepare a comprehensive gap analysis. Reports include the following, as applicable:

  • Project specific scorecards for each level of certification determined achievable for the given rating system
  • Breakdown of costs that may include Rivion fees, registration and review fees to the rating system body, and estimated costs for services or materials provided by others
  • Summary of high priority items for certification
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