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Bedding, Pointing and Tuckpointing Mortars | US Heritage GroupBedding, Pointing and Tuckpointing Mortars

Bedding, Pointing and Tuckpointing Mortars

Bedding, Pointing and Tuckpointing Mortars Repointing We apply our knowledge and experience to produce quality bedding and pointing mortar in several classes, by binder formulation, for different applications. All US Heritage mortar products can be ordered as standard materials which can be color matched or they can be ordered custom matched based on the results a mortar analysis. Selection of an appropriate mortar for re-laying, repointing or tuckpointing requires evaluation of original mortar, masonry unit characteristics and conditions as well as masonry element exposure (physical environment). We encourage you to contact us for project-specific technical advice, product selection or to place an order. Below you can retrieve general information about repointing as well as technical datasheets for bedding and pointing mortar products by binder class.

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