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BECK Fence Stapling System

BECK Fence Stapling System

Howdy Partner. We welcome another powerhouse into our fastener family with the new, extremely durable BECK fence staples.  Pure holding power and superior corrosion protection make these staples a commodity that you can count on. In addition, the new pneumatically powered F46 FENCE 45-315 stapler and gas driven F70G FENCE 45-315 from FASCO is now available, the perfect complement to the BECK fence stapling system. Ideal for standard fences, chain link fences, animal cages, enclosures and much more.

The pneumatically powered and gas driven stapler will save you time and money.

 The galvanized wire (class 4) with a zinc coating of at least 350 g / m (50 µm) ensures a maximum life span of the staple.

 The patent-pending Diamond Coating, and the precise, divergent points (D-point) increases the holding strength in comparison to manual fixing.

The weatherproof packaging protects against weather influences and makes the product optimally visible for the customer.

Powerful, pneumatic stapler for driving in 45 mm staples in pressure-treated wood.

The adjustable driving depth enables different types of wire fence to be processed in different strengths.

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