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CO LFL® : Laminated Finger-Jointed Lumber BEAM & HEADER LAMCO LFL HEADER can replace LVL and is less expensive than LVL LAMCO LFL can be fastened into a 5-ply beam at a cost lower than equivalent LVL dsc00033-copy dsc00043 dsc00056 copy(1) header lfl-beam lfl-ridgebeam Documentation No Documentation LAMCO LFL® BEAM & HEADER STRONGER: LAMCO LFL® makes a great beam or header, often eliminating a ply. SINGLE MEMBER: Because of its stability, LAMCO LFL® can be used as a single member up to 16". THINNER: Our 1-7/16” width means you use less material than 1-3/4” LVL or LSL to do the same job saving you money. ADVANCED FRAMING: Using LAMCO LFL® as a structural rimboard in multi-stage buildings, this Advanced Framing Technique allows builders to eliminate window headers completely in under stories and increase energy efficiency creating an ultimate wall opening detail.

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