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Automatic Submittal Log

Creating a submittal log by hand can take weeks to prepare and lead to inaccuracy. By scanning the project’s spec book and generating a submittal log, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log does the hard work for you. With an immediate list of submittal register items and combined with Submittals, you now have everything you need to accelerate the submittals process.

Create a submittal log in minutes

Regardless if your spec book is 100 or 2,000 pages long, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log knows exactly what to do. Upload your spec book and PlanGrid will automatically extract the specs to create a downloadable spreadsheet containing all of the project’s submittal register items.

Produce a complete submittal log

PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log includes everything you need — all relevant product data, shop drawings, and closeouts — to assign submittal register items to subcontractors and accelerate the submittals process.

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