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Located in downtown Winnipeg, the Manitoba Museum opened in 1970 as part of the Manitoba Centennial Centre, charged with the responsibility of collecting, researching, and sharing Manitoba’s rich history, culture, and environment. Faced with the need for more space and greater flexibility to accommodate world class traveling exhibits, the Museum realized it needed a major renewal to Alloway Hall.

A simple, open span rectilinear volume was designed to resolve the previous height restrictions imposed by the original barrel vault roof. Now, the space accommodates a broader range of exhibition programming while restoring the simple geometry and vertical rhythm of the campus. A large ‘picture’ window onto the pedestrian walkway and garden beyond connect inside to out, engaging casual passersby and inviting a cultural dialogue. New multi-functional space offers an additional revenue stream for the Museum while strengthening cultural connections with the community.

With this expansion, Alloway Hall re-emerges as a cultural catalyst, inviting the community to experience new exhibits while reinvigorating Manitoba’s cultural mission for future generations.

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