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Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass

Commercial Windows WHY ALPEN FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS CSU Powerhouse Fort Collins, CO Alpen HPP’s commercial-grade fiberglass ribbon windows provide a balanced solution to meet the advanced thermal, structural and interior comfort needs of today’s high performance commercial building market. Our advanced window and glass technology draws on 30 years of industry leadership in manufacturing the world’s highest performance insulating glass and windows, using: Insulated fiberglass window frames Structurally stable, low-thermal conductivity fiberglass pultrusions Lightweight suspended coated film Heat Mirror insulated glazing units manufactured by Alpen HPP Unique IG configurations using low-e coatings on glass and film with argon- and krypton-filled cavities Proprietary, IGCC Certified gas-retention system for pressure-equalization during transportation Discover how Alpen commercial ribbon windows can help you STRUCTURAL DURABILITY Morristown Parking Authority Morristown, NJ Alpen’s windows are thermally advanced and, importantly, AAMA Rated to Commercial Grade Performance for superior structural durability, even in high wind loads and tall buildings. Coupled with fiberglass windows low-maintenance, highly durable inherent properties and Alpen’s superior craftsmanship in assembly, Alpen windows are adaptable to and beneficial in diverse commercial applications. THERMAL EXCELLENCE With Alpen commercial windows

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