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ALUCOIL Marine Material for the Naval industry

The shipbuilding industry is constantly seeking the use of new technologies for products and solutions that achieve a greater degree of efficiency in the manufacturing process and improve business productivity. Cruise ships, large yachts, patrol boats and even offshore platforms have introduced aluminum totally or partially in their designs. In particular, high-speed vessels for the transport of passengers continuously search how to increase speed so that employ materials based on different aluminum alloys. In the necessity to promote a production environment more sustainable, and an industry experiencing constant change to achieve those objectives, arises ALUCOIL Marine Division, a unit integrated in ALUCOIL, which presents its larcore ® sandwich panel as the best solution for new shipbuilding. ALUCOIL Marine Division supplies products made from aluminum to reduce the weight of the components without compromising their mechanical features. Therefore, the panel larcore ® is a wide acceptance in marine applications in both exterior and interior designs. ALUCOIL Marine Division is formed by a team of specialists at different branches of technology and engineering, which constantly share their ideas and knowledge in the development of high quality work adapted to the necessities of the customer and ship requirements. The objective of the ALUCOIL Marine Division is to provide the shipbuilding industry an advanced product that provides new design possibilities in sh

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