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Alpha H Bracket - Horizontal | ECO Cladding

Alpha H Bracket - Horizontal

Alpha H Bracket - Horizontal Alpha H Wall Bracket Alpha brackets are the building blocks designed to simplify the process of building rainscreen walls of all types including CI Sub-framing and Panel Sub-framing. Alpha H brackets are a part of our horizontal mounted system. They come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of light and heavy loads. Wind sheer tests have been done to accomodate the most extreme weather conditions. The tight thermal cavity our system provides will help your building save on energy costs for years to come. Alpha H brackets come in eight sizes to create various system cavity depths. Based on various load requirements, the number of fastners back into the sub-structure will be defined. Alpha H+ brackets allow more fastener points and can be used in combination with standard Alpha H brackets to address the cladding material’s deadload, specifically for concrete block construction. All of our Alpha brackets are extruded with 6063-T6, copper-free and “marine-grade” aluminum. For rainscreen applications, the non corrosive nature of aluminum makes it a perfect material to use. Since aluminum is more elastic than steel, it is especially ideal for creating precise parts for deep and straight walls and is efficient to fabricate with most punching and extrusion machines. Aluminum is the preferred material of curtainwalls and will become the same for sub-framing systems in North America.

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