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Ag Barrier™

Ag Barrier™

Ag Barrier is our product designed for agriculture use. It is a money saving insulation alternative for the agriculture industry. It is composed of aluminum and polyethylene to form a superior product unlike any other in the agriculture market. Many people in the agriculture business recognize a growing problem – the heat in their warehouses/barns/stables. This is an increasing epidemic. This is commonly known as the “black-globe effect.” To combat this problem can become very expensive. Innovative Insulation Inc. saw the need for a lower costing, highly effective insulation alternative to combat the issues people in the agriculture business face. For new construction, Ag Barrier™ is designed to be an upgrade from Tri-Ply ceiling material. Unlike Tri-ply, Ag Barrier™ blocks 95% of radiant heat from entering your confinement area. For retrofits, Ag Barrier™ improves performance of other forms of insulation when combined with traditional insulation.

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