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Affordable Terra-Cotta

Challenged to become the pioneering leader in terracotta rainscreen rather than just another “hollow-core me too,” NeaCera® revolutionized its design and manufacturing techniques.

Panel weights, heavy sub-construction, thousands of clips and gaskets and an unwieldy, time-consuming and costly installation process all contributed to soaring installed prices of the hollow-core systems.

Owners and architects loved the look and feel of terracotta but could not justify the exorbitant installed prices.

NeaCera® – through extensive R&D – challenged the problems of the “hollow-cores”:

  • By very finely milling and grinding the clay prior to vacuum extruding and firing at 2200 degrees F. NeaCera® gets its Strength Through Density allowing us to produce a superior strength solid-wall panel that only weighs 7.5lbs/SF.
  • Raw material is purchased by weight and the panels are sold by size, so lighter weight panels use less raw material.
  • Thinner gauge sub-construction components are possible due to lighter-weight panels.
  • Superior strength panels only require supports at each end of each panel substantially reducing the amount of sub-construction. The less sub-construction required = less cost!
  • A unique pre-engineered Lift & Lock integrated hanging system using mated hooks on the Panels and Support Profiles, eliminated the need for any clips, fixings, gaskets or sealants.
  • The lighter-weight with NO CLIPS OR FIXINGS, Lift & Lock Installation enables installers to install almost twice the amount of NeaCera®/man hour as the hollow-core panels.
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