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Aerodynamic Form Optimization — High-Performance Sports - RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists - RWDI

Aerodynamic Form Optimization

Aerodynamic Form Optimization — High-Performance Sports All Services Aerodynamic Form Optimization — High-Performance Sports Shaping wind-friendly forms for championship performance AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to Email Elite athletes need more than superior skills and flawless execution. In a wide range of sports, from discus to kayaking to alpine skiing, aerodynamics is gold. Small tweaks to aerodynamic form—of either the athlete or the equipment—can provide the championship edge. And for equipment manufacturers, rigorous testing is key: Elite athletes expect demonstrable performance improvements. Competitive skier on snowy mountain slope Our service For manufacturers of high-performance equipment and apparel, we can evaluate the aerodynamic performance of your product at any stage of the product life cycle and then suggest (and test) enhancements. This evaluation can range from an expert judgment, to computational modeling, to fully instrumented wind tunnel testing to document actual performance. For athletes,we can evaluate how your body positioning and equipment affect aerodynamic drag. We can fine-tune equipment so that it works for you. We can also help you understand how typical wind patterns in the competition venue could affect your performance. Bicycle aerodynamic testing We’re world specialists in the demanding field of bluff body aerodynamics. The physics of air flow around a so-called “bluff body”

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