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Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Cars have come a long way since they first came on the road in the 19th century. The first semiconductor-based noteworthy assistance was GPS-based car navigation systems toward the end of ´80s. Today, in almost every car, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) are also contributing toward the driver and car passenger’s safety using high quality electronics. After all, the dreams of automated cars from the ´60s are now becoming true — it is only a matter of a few years.

Smart Camera

Smart cameras can identify road markings, traffic signs, and traffic lights. Additionally, it can also recognize objects, provide data that facilitates their identification i.e. as cars or pedestrians, detect their motion path, and calculate their distances.

Surround View

Surround view is a vehicle camera system that provides different views like top view, rear view and panorama view to assist the driver when parking, either manually or automatically. It offers the driver the view of the exterior of the vehicle to aid in manoeuvring the vehicle to park and to alert the driver to obstacles in its path that may not be immediately visible.

Cognitive Computing

In AD, the vehicle assumes control in certain conditions, with the provision for the driver to take over control whenever he or she wants. The AD vehicle obeys all traffic laws, observes speed limits, returns to its lane after overtaking on motorways, and does not slow down other vehicles.

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