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Acid-etched Patterns Walker Textures® NuanceAcid-etched Patterns Walker Textures® Nuance

Acid-etched Patterns Walker Textures® Nuance

There are many possibilities with standard patterned acid-etched glass from the Walker Textures® Nuance line. This product line consists of ten different designs. When combined with the choice of substrates and thicknesses, the possibilities become endless. Some of the standard patterns are etched on both sides, which adds depth to the glass. Depending on the products selected, we can obtain different and unique elements of design, dimensional effects and levels of light transmission.


Patterned Acid-Etched Glass Advantages

  • Consistent finish and appearance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Unique designs
  • Significantly reduce glare
  • Light diffusion
  • Added depth
  • Greater measure of privacy


Patterned Acid-etched Glass Specifications

  • Substrates: Glass, on one or two sides
  • Colors: Clear, bronze, grey, black, blue or ultra-clear *
  • Glass thicknesses: 3 mm to 19 mm **
  • Size available: Standard 96" x 130"



  • Series 100 – Velour finish on Satin finish
  • Series 300 – Satin finish on clear glass
  • Series 500 – Velour finish on clear glass on both sides


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