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ACFoam Nailable polyiso roof insulation - Atlas Roof Insulation

ACFoam Nailable polyiso roof insulation

ACFoam Nailable Polyiso Roof Insulation Atlas ACFoam nailable products offer OSB or CDX plywood adhered to the top face, combining all the benefits of a nailable roof substrate with thermally efficient polyiso insulation. From the nail base itself to specially engineered fasteners, ACFoam Nailable products are designed to work together for an efficient and fully functional nailable roof system. ACFoam® Nail Base is composed of a thermally efficient closed-cell polyiso insulation board bonded to OSB or CDX plywood on the top face. It combines the benefits of a nailable roof substrate with thermally efficiently polyiso insulation in an easy one-step installation. ACFoam Nail Base is approved for use as a non-structural panel in new and re-roofing applications. learn more. ACFoam® CrossVent® combines the performance of a cross-ventilating air space, nailable roof substrate and thermally efficient polyiso insulation. It is comprised of ACFoam polyiso insulation board and OSB or CDX plywood, separated with and bonded to 5 individual Expanded Polystyrene vent spacer strips for superior ventilation, insulation and ease of installation learn more. Atlas Nail Base Fasteners are specially engineered for attaching Atlas ACFoam CrossVent and ACFoam Nail Base Roof Insulation to an approved substrate. Featuring a large, pancake style head with a 6-lobe drive, Atlas Nail Base Fasteners drive quickly and smoothly and secure panels without the need of a washer.

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