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Rise | Accent Outdoor Lighting

Accent Outdoor Lighting

Dark night sky is an important and endangered natural resource, for stargazers, wildlife, and healthy sleep patterns in humans. Outdoor lighting should strive to follow the guidelines provided by the IDA (International Dark Sky Association). When you search for accent lighting, you will find that a lot of the fixtures are designed to point upwards, which is not dark sky friendly. Try designing lighting that only points downward, and is shielded. Ensure that the light is only on when it needs to be - the use of timers will help with this - and that the light is only as bright as necessary. Try to find lights that are warmer colours, towards the yellow side of the spectrum, because there is evidence to suggest that these colours are less disturbing to the circadian rhythms of wildlife and humans than light at the blue end of the spectrum. Lights that are less than 3,000 K on the colour temperature scale are night-friendly, being warmer colours than moonlight. Look for the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval for dark sky compliant lighting products.

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