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Abocrete™ Kit - Abatron, Inc.Abocrete™ Kit - Abatron, Inc.

Abocrete™ Kit - Abatron, Inc.

Epoxy Concrete Repair and Resurfacing Compound. Abocrete permanently repairs, bonds, rebuilds, and resurfaces concrete and most rigid surfaces. It is structurally and chemically superior to concrete. Unlike concrete, latex modified concrete, and other mixes, it is virtually shrink-free. Uses: Abocrete is excellent for driveways, sidewalks, heavy-traffic floors, stairs, loading and parking areas, warehouses, plants, ship docks, and pitted, spalled, worn, or cracked concrete. It can also be used for anchoring posts or railings, and installing machinery precasts, posts, columns, etc. Features and Benefits: Abocrete is unaffected by salt water, oils and other chemicals that corrode concrete. Holds better than bolts to install equipment, machinery, precasts, posts, columns, and structural and decorative components. Can be applied in any thickness from a few mils to more than 1 ft. thick. Contains no solvents or volatiles. Virtually shrink-free. Makes great anti-slip floors and decks. Hardens quickly. Can be colored with pigments or concrete powder. Can be used without sand for priming and coating. Viscosity can be changed by varying the amount of sand or aggregate added to the Abocrete blend. It can also be used with or as a substrate for aggregate and decorative quartz sand.

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