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900 Shower Mixing Valve

Concealed, 4-port, pressure balancing water mixing valve for use in shower and tub/shower applications. Cast-brass body features diaphragm-type pressure balancing mechanism. Internal parts constructed of lime-resistant Delrin 500 for years of trouble-free service. Built-in adjustable temperature limit stop reduces the chance of thermal shock from overadjustment of handle. Cast-in checkstops reduce installation time. Unique construction allows for shallow wall installation in as little as 51mm (2 in.). Back-to-back installation possible in only 102mm (4 in.) without costly cross-piping. Features Near instantaneous response to changes in both hot and cold supply line pressure ensures a safe and comfortable shower Proven diaphragm/poppet cartridge provides reliable pressure balancing control and maximum protection against lime and dirt Commercial grade 4-port bronze casting and corrosion-resistant internal components for long life Ideal for hotel, motel, health club, and single and multi-family dwellings