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American Window Film – 3M Window Film – Insulating Window Film

3M Window Film – Insulating Window Film

3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film INSULATION FOR WINDOWS A single pane window loses 20 times as much heat as the same area in an adjacent well-insulated wall. This leads to nearly 30% of all energy used to heat and cool your indoor environment escaping through your windows. A climate control film, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film improves the insulation performance of existing window panes. Like insulation for windows, a professional installation of 3M Thinsulate Window Film on a single pane window will boost its insulation performance to nearly double pane; and double pane to nearly triple pane. RADIANT HEAT REDUCTION 3M Thinsulate Window Film is designed to reflect rather than absorb radiant heat. While it provides all the traditional benefits of 3M™ Sun Control Window Films and their solar heat control and UV/fade protection benefits – 3M Thinsulate Window Film takes performance a step further to protect against radiant heat loss during cold weather. It helps prevent the transfer of radiant heat from one side of a glass pane to the other, and its patented construction helps reflect more interior heat back into a room, improving personal comfort by reducing those cold drafts near windows.

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