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3fficiency™ is the “Pinnacle” of efficient hydronic systems. The three components included in the system package are:

  • Pinnacle® Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS), 
  • Neuton™ Chilled Beam Pump Module, and 
  • SEMCO Active Chilled Beam line. 

The Neuton pump module manages the water system to allow for a building level occupant control that is superior to all other systems.

Starting from the occupant level and working its way outdoors, the 3fficiency system looks at any application the same way. The only difference between a school classroom (K-12 or university), hotel, dorm, nursing home, lab space, library, or office, is the percentage of outside air is required. The amount of outdoor air required varies based the number of occupants in the space. The 3fficiency system can be adjusted to suit the application and the amount of outdoor air required.

With the Neuton pump module, standard chiller water temperatures can be utilized throughout the building while maintaining the water temperature delta. This will provide for a more efficient and stable central plant operation. Further, this will reduce the pipe size compared to traditional systems that create a separate loop for chilled beam systems. This is especially nice on district cooling or campus loop systems to minimize temperature fluctuations.

All controls for the building are handled except for chiller operation, boiler operation and the front end. These items can be provided by SEMCO, if desired. This greatly reduces the ATC/BAS requirement for a system.
Low temperature hot water is required so a condensing boiler can be used. More importantly, 3fficiency is a safe and effective alternative to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and provides even more savings through the use of a water to water chiller and using the condenser water as the hot water for the system. No more concerns with ASHRAE 15, refrigerant leaks, or large electrical wire runs. A whole building Variable WATER Flow System! 

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