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3D Tube Laser Cutting Services

3D Tube Laser Cutting Services

Tube Laser Cutting

PBZ understands that reducing lead times on fabricated parts without sacrificing quality is a must for every manufacturer. Providing high-quality and precise tube laser cutting services in Pennsylvania, we tackle every project with a do-it-all, one-stop-shop approach that offers you many advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive by partnering with PBZ manufacturing for all of your tube laser cutting needs.

Why Use 3D Laser Cutting Services?

Traditional methods still deliver quality results, but they’re nowhere near as quick, efficient or precise as 3D laser cutting. As compared to sawing, coping, drilling and other fabrication processes, 3D laser cutting provides state-of-the-art technology that effortlessly delivers on your specifications.

Configure different materials into various shapes and angles, or cut intricate slots and indentations with precise accuracy. In addition to sheet metal, 3D laser cutting is ideal for tubes, pipes, channels, beams and custom extrusions.

We Offer Premier Laser Cutting Technology

PBZ’s programmable 3D structural lasers, also known as tube cutting lasers, are always prepped and ready for your project. They give you:

Accuracy within .005″ on most products

Consistency from the first cut to the 100th

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