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3D PRINTING - PORAVER® expanded glass3D PRINTING - PORAVER® expanded glass

3D PRINTING - PORAVER® expanded glass

3D PRINTING WITH PORAVER® Our lightweight Poraver® expanded glass is an ideal 3D printing material. The small spheres have only 20 % of the weight of sand and can be used in the common additive production process with 3D powder bed printers with a variety of binders, in selective laser sintering (SLS) or for the concrete 3D printing (contour crafting). With its low density and high strength, Poraver® promises a significant reduction in the weight of printed shapes and large parts. Areas of application include prototyping, the production of components as well as direct mold making. Poraver® is also particularly suitable as an aggregate for the 3D printing of concrete. Entire buildings can be easily produced in this way with integrated insulation.

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