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Twinmotion 2019 - 3D Immersive visualization solution for architects


The simplest, fastest and most innovative cross-platform virtualization, 3D immersion and VR exploration solution on the market!

Twinmotion is designed for architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals. Powered by a award-winning Unreal Engine, Twinmotion is the only solution on the market capable of producing high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360° videos in mere seconds, allowing fully immersive 3D VR exploration. Twinmotion produces all these presentation options in just a few seconds where classical solutions need hours to complete the same tasks. Enrich your scenes with characters, vehicles and even sounds…Your simulations, changes and choices are all visible in real-time with the same quality as in the final rendering.

A simple interface and icons make Twinmotion extremely easy to learn and use, regardless of the size and complexity of your project, your material, your IT knowledge or your modeler.

Running on both MacOS and Windows, Twinmotion allows direct synchronization with ARCHICAD and Revit. In addition, Twinmotion supports 3D designs of almost every modeler on the market imported in FBX, SKP, C4D and OBJ formats.

Simple images and panoramas express your ideas, while standard and 360° videos embrace the space and bring your project to life within its environment, leading to full 3D immersion through a unique VR experience.  Once finished with your presentation, save your 3D renderings to your hard drive or publish then via Twinlinker. Twinlinker is a new online platform that allows you to create and share virtual visits of your projects online instantly and easily. Simply export your images, panoramas or videos created in Twinmoiton 2019 to Twinlinker, link them to create virtual visits, then share the link by e-mail or publish on your website.


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