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24/7 Backflow Prevention | Local Boston Plumbers

24/7 Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Backflow Prevention by Licensed Boston Plumbers Plumbers 911 Keeps Your Drinking Water Safe from Harmful Chemicals Backflow Prevention | Boston MA PlumbersDrinking water is a valuable natural resource. Unlike some states in the Southwest, New England has been very fortunate when it comes to its water supply. However, it’s still important to protect our drinking water from contamination. In order to make sure that water from the municipal water supply makes it all the way to the tap, it’s kept at a certain minimum pressure. However, if that pressure is reduced for some reason, used water can seep back into the water supply. When that happens, it’s called a backflow. The most common source of this kind of contamination are water storage tanks, dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances which have both a water supply and a drain. These are called cross connections. Other major cross connections are fire sprinkler systems that connect to a water main. Most appliances that could be cross connections are required by law to have built-in precautions to prevent backflow. However, in some larger systems, additional steps have to be taken.

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