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​Spandrel Glass

​Spandrel Glass

OPACI-COAT-300® Spandrel Glass by ICD High Performance Coatings A spectrum of colors that harmonize with Starphire® & Solarban® glasses Vitro Architectural Glass has partnered with ICD High Performance Coatings to offer a full range of colorful, water-based silicone coating options ideal for spandrel, wall-cladding and insulating glass applications. For decades, architects and designers have relied on OPACI-COAT-300® for its limitless range of color options, including a wide range of brilliant colors that don’t include any dangerous heavy metals, which have been used on both interiors and exteriors of some of the world’s most high-profile commercial projects. OPACI-COAT-300® also offers one of the world’s strictest color tolerance, which ensures the color you specify is the color you receive. Additionally, when specified, OPACI-COAT-300® can provide glass fallout resistance.

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