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We are a group of architects, designers, planners, and experts in fundraising and policy, united by our enthusiasm for socially conscious design. We work with local and international non-profits, community organizations, and government agencies to provide pro bono design and consulting services. We focus on providing local, inclusive, sustainable architectural solutions.

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Oasis Shower Doors

Oasis is the leader in frameless residential and commercial specialty glass. From design to completion, Oasis Specialty Glass is the contractors choice for safety, integrity, and longevity. Oasis designs, fabricates and installs interior architectural glass for thousands of building applications. From custom shower enclosures to all glass entry systems & storefronts, we use the finest precision hardware available and offer a vast glass selection. Oasis installers have over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial building projects of all kinds.

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Oldcastle APG

Oldcastle APG is a CRH Company. We are the largest building materials company in North America, offerring sustainable hardscape solutions for roof tops, plaza's and vehicular applications. 


Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

To architects, building developers and owners, contractors and the entire commercial glazing community, we are the leading North American supplier of products specified to close the building envelope. They include: custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.

Thermo Expert  Professional Architectural Window Installations
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OMAI, Inc. Thermo Expert

Thermo Expert provides a turnkey window installation solution for owners and developers of commercial properties large and small, from new construction to historic restoration. We take complete ownership of each project from inception to conclusion – from shop drawings through the final caulking application – to ensure a seamless construction process. We work with industry professionals to ensure you get the right materials for the right project.

Omni Ecosystems

Omni Ecosystems® creates sustainable green infrastructure by inventing, designing, supplying, constructing, and maintaining working landscapes. Working landscapes work, and work for you by providing environmental, social, and financial benefits beyond a typical landscape.

Working landscapes provide natural beauty and can stack functions, such as managing stormwater, growing crops, creating habitats, and serving as engaging spaces for people.


Metal solutions for building envelopes. Our products deliver sustainable solutions with varying aesthetics, functions & benefits. We offer your one-stop source for all accessories and system components and technical and design support. For more information, visit or contact us at or 800-884-4484 .

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Open Architecture Collaborative

Opportunities New Brunswick

Opportunities New Brunswick

Opportunities NB (ONB) is the Canadian province of New Brunswick’s lead business development corporation working with companies inside and outside the province to drive economic growth and job creation.

Orbital Systems

Conventional Showers Waste Water

Only 1 percent of the Earth’s water is freshwater available for our use.
Yet, when we use water - we waste water.

In a regular shower, water hits our skin for a second and disappears down the drain again. The average 10 minute shower can mean a monumental loss of a 100 liters or 26 gallons of water down the drain, plus the energy that it takes to heat it.

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Orenco Systems, Inc.

Orenco was founded in 1981 in response to widespread failures in Oregon’s onsite wastewater systems. Since then, we’ve grown to become an industry leader, with hundreds of employees and more than 300 points of distribution in North America, Australasia, Europe, Africa, and southwest Asia. You can find our products and solutions in 70 countries, on virtually every continent.