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Naava Inc.

At Naava we are reconnecting humanity with nature. We make the smartest green walls on the planet to bring nature inside, everywhere. We have created future technology that embraces millions of years of nature's innovation combined with Scandinavian design. Where ever you work should feel like a walk in the park. We make it happen by bringing fresh Nordic forest air and real nature indoors. All you have to do is: breathe.

Nana Wall Systems

More than standard bifolding glass walls, we conceive our offerings as a complete system of movable wall solutions, which empower our customers to transcend conventional limits with innovative capabilities.


We’re determined to meet all customer project challenges, driving ourselves with an all-out effort that strives for perfection, and measures success through customer satisfaction.


NAR's Green Designation

NAR's Green Designation

The National Association of REALTORS® has created a green designation and benefits program tailored for real estate agents. NAR's Green Designation provides advanced training in green building and sustainable business practices so that you can seek out, understand, and market properties with green features.

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National Asphalt Pavement Association

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance is a coalition of the National Asphalt Pavement Association, the Asphalt Institute, and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations.  The Alliance's mission is to establish asphalt pavement as the preferred choice for quality, performance and the environment.

National Council of Architectural Registration Bds. (NCARB)

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards administers programs you will utilize throughout your path toward becoming an architect: the Architectural Experience Program and the Architect Registration Examination. Once you are licensed, you can apply for NCARB certification, which will allow you greater mobility in seeking professional opportunities. For more information go to undefined" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255);" grande","serif""="" lucida="">

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National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

NFRC helps people understand how windows, doors, and skylights improve our quality of life by making residential and commercial buildings more comfortable and more energy efficient while contributing to green building and sustainability and also delivering many health and human performance benefits.

National Grid


National Grid’s New Construction Services promote and support high-performance building design, equipment selection, and building operation.


Projects participating in the program receive...

  • Technical and Design Assistance:

Support can range from simple plan review and efficiency upgrade recommendations to complete technical assistance studies performed by leading energy engineering firms.

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National Purchasing Partners

National Purchasing Partners (NPP)

NPP helps your business save money by negotiating discount pricing from leading suppliers. Thanks to our large membership, you have access to the same pricing as the largest companies.

NPP also has a government division, NPPGov, that offers competitively-bid, publicly-awarded contracts to public entities.
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National Ready Mixed Concrete

Backed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Build with Strength is a coalition of architects, builders, engineers, emergency services personnel and policymakers. Our mission is to educate the building and design communities and policy makers on  the benefits of ready mixed concrete, and encourage its use as the building material of choice for buildings. No other material can replicate concrete’s advantages in terms of strength, durability, safety and ease of use. Visit today!

National Tax Group

With more than fifty years of collective experience, we have touched multiple areas of taxation providing businesses a wide range of services to choose from. Our experience in complex tax incentive programs has made us a valuable partner to all of our clients.

We help clients  get the most of each tax benefit program. Our ability to seamlessly collaborate with every business is the reason why many people trust National Tax Group.


Natur-Bag compostable liners are used for the collection of food scraps and other organic waste in home, community, and industrial composting programs.


Natur-Bag liners are engineered to have superior strength and to breathe naturally, dissipating moisture to help control odors while keeping collection bins clean. Natur-Bag is available in a wide variety of sizes, from 3 gallon bags for kitchen counter top pails up to 96 gallon liners for large collection bins.


Natural Choice Corporation

Natural Choice Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of drinking water appliances, bottleless water coolers, and filtration equipment.

Every day, the people at Natural Choice continue to build upon our world-class reputation for high-quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Natural Stone Council

As the united voice of the stone industry, the Natural Stone Council has been involved in most of the large initiatives within the industry since our establishment in 2003. We lead the charge when it comes to sustainability and research. We also support other associations in their efforts to promote, defend, and improve Genuine Stone® products.

Nature Fibres Inc.

NATURE FIBRES INC. offers construction materials made from plant fibers, primarily with industrial hemp. The products and materials made by the company include insulation, felts, acoustic and structural panels, masonry blocks, and wall coatings. 
NATURE FIBRES INC. becomes the first North American company to specialize in the industrial production of ecologically friendly materials.

NBM Inc.

NBM is a privately-held, award-winning independent dealer for Sharp, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Lexmark, HP, KIP, and FP Mailing Solutions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technological advances and locally managed service that New England-based organizations can depend on.

We are New England’s largest independent Sharp dealer and one of the top 8 Sharp dealers in the country. NBM is a Sharp Platinum Service Provider and an HP Silver Partner.


As a nonprofit, social responsibility guides everything we do at NCARB. Our organization wouldn’t exist without the dedicated efforts of our volunteer community. With their help and inspiration, we’re always looking for ways to give back—here’s how we’re working to build community.

AIAS Freedom by Design

Nearmap US, Inc.

Nedlaw Living Walls

Unlike any other green wall in the world, a Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter is a working machine that draws dirty indoor air in, removes pollutants and returns clean air to the room or building. Beneficial microbes on the plant roots literally eat indoor contaminants as food.Not only does this amazing technology provide clean air (similar to outdoor air) for enclosed indoor environments, but it also reduces energy costs.By replacing fresh air intake, a Nedlaw biofilter helps buildings save significant energy costs by reducing the amount of outside air that needs to be heated or cooled.

Needham Decorative Hardware


NEEP was founded in 1996 as a non-profit accelerating energy efficiency in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Today, it is one of six Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations (REEOs) funded, in part, by US Department of Energy to support state efficiency policies and programs.


Our mission is to accelerate energy efficiency as an essential part of demand-side solutions that enable a sustainable regional energy system.