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Ideal for AESS

Since 1974, Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. has manufactured STEEL-IT® brand coatings. Providing long-life protection for steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials that suffer the damaging effects of corrosion, abrasion, UV rays, weathering, chemical-exposure, and temperature cycling, STEEL-IT has been the choice of customers with distinct applications across diverse industries including: Architecture; Construction; Food Processing and Packaging Equipment; Agriculture; Aerospace; and Motorsports/Off-Road Racing. 

STEEL-IT achieves its superior performance by embedding custom-engineered 316L stainless steel micro-flakes in polyurethane or epoxy resins with additional anti-corrosive compounds. When applied, the micro-flakes form a dense, layered barrier of pure 316L stainless steel near the coating’s surface. This stainless steel shield makes materials coated with STEEL-IT nearly impervious to corrosion and corrosive elements while providing a finish that holds up even under the most challenging conditions.

Free Product Samples available on our website:

STEEL-IT High Solids Epoxy System for Harsh Industrial Applications

STEEL-IT Low VOC High Solids Epoxy System for Harsh Industrial Applications

STEEL-IT Steel Gray Polyurethane Topcoat for Automotive and Motorsports Applications

STEEL-IT Polyurethane Topcoat For Automotive and Motorsports Applications

STEEL-IT Epoxy System For Industrial Applications

STEEL-IT Epoxy System for Industrial & Food Processing Applications

STEEL-IT Polyurethane System for Architecture

STEEL-IT Polyurethane System for Architectural Applications