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RMS Media Group, Inc.

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Ocean Home, the luxury coastal lifestyle magazine. Published six times a year by RMS Media Group, Ocean Home puts the luxurious lifestyle of oceanfront living into the palms of its readers’ hands. From high-end developments in the Caribbean to private beachfront estates in California, Ocean Home not only unveils the dream homes of the top coastal communities, but also reveals the best travel destinations, the trending designs for ocean homes, and the key players in the next generation of luxury oceanfront living. 

Northshore Home magazine is a consumer shelter publication featuring exquisite houses

crafted by acclaimed local architects, photo-intensive layouts for interior design inspiration, and insights into creating a more comfortable lifestyle. A natural extension of the flagship publication, Northshore Home offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the shelter category and showcase advertisers and par

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Travel Publication

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Outdoor Designs

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Stage Inspired Designs

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