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The Rhino Header concept was developed on the heels of a report by The US Department of Energy regarding problems associated with solid wood headers in residential construction. Specifically, the issues of heat transfer known as thermal bridging and increasing safety concerns for those installing the traditional wood beams.


Wood products have very little R-value.  In fact, if you add up the energy loss in an average home from all the wood window and door header cavities, it adds up to 110 sq. ft. - that's like having a single garage door "open" in the side of your home!  That much loss is unacceptable!


Rhino Headers allow you to completely encased the header and cavity with insulation - increasing R-value by 800%!


Rhino Headers also reduce warranty call-backs, are lightweight, easy to install and reduce wood waste.


At Rhino, we offer remarkable value for today’s Net Zero, green building industry by leveraging our patent pending design, ISO 9000 production, and exceptional customer service.

Rhino’s R-25 InsulatedHeader System

Rhino’s R-25 InsulatedHeader System

Product - Rhino Headers