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Quebec Wood Export Bureau

979 avenue de Bourgogne, bureau 540
Quebec, QC G1W 2L4
(418) 650-6385

Quebec manufacturers that are members of the Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB) offer a full range of traditional or engineered wood products, which can be used for a wide variety of construction applications. These companies are experienced and able to supply quality products that can be shipped around the world.


High-tech manufacturing equipment ensures products with consistent quality and short production times. In addition, because products are factory-made, they are protected from the elements during the manufacturing process and benefit from controlled conditions. Wood products are a cost-effective solution since they are structurally efficient and easy and quick to install at the construction site.


Quebec manufacturers use leading-edge and proven technology. These experts are present around the world and committed to the quality of their products. They choose their materials according to rigorous criteria. To find a Quebec manufacturer, visit

WOOD SPECIES Eastern Hemlock


Wood pellets

Flooring species - Aspen

Flooring species - Walnut - Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB)

Flooring species - Walnut

Hardwood species - White oak - Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB)

Hardwood species - White oak

Wood Construction - Massive wood frame and engineered wood - Log

Wood Construction - Massive wood frame and engineered wood - Log

Softwood species - Spruce-Pine-Fir - Quebec Wood Export Bureau

Softwood species - Spruce-Pine-Fir

QWEB - Flooring


QWEB - Wall panels

Wall panels