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Miles Industries LTD

#190 2250 Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3B1

Miles Industries was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1977 by Garry & Barbara Miles, its objective - to build upon the Miles' family experience in the Home heating industry. We started off with a cabinet type wood burning space heater similar to the Ashley that was distributed by Garry’s father Edgar Miles (1902-1985) who set up dealers from Vancouver Island to Manitoba in the late fifties to the mid-sixties as the western Canadian distributor.

By 1981, Martin Miles had established a network of dealers. When the first plate steel Fireplace Inserts arrived in the scene, Garry started to look for a gas burning alternative. This led to discussions with Valor Heating Ltd of Birmingham, England. and obtained a sample Valorflame for evaluation. When installed into a wood burning fireplace in our lower floor "rec" room, we were immediately convinced of an opportunity because of its high radiant output and efficiency. And so, Garry set about the task of bringing these gas burning and efficient radiant fireplace heaters to Canada by obtaining Safety Certification for sale in British Columbia. After a slow start many of our wood stove dealers took to Valor Radiant Fires who are still major Valor dealers today.

In 1984 as volume grew, Miles Industries obtained the exclusive Canadian distributorship for Valor products and the first Canadian Gas Association (CGA) Certified products arrived for sale on a national basis. At this time, Paul Miles joined the company and moved to Ontario to develop Eastern Canadian markets. In 1986, Valor designed and sold the first ever direct vent room sealed fireplace, and it became an instant success in Canada. In that year Miles pioneered the first "power vented" gas fireplace allowing fireplace installations almost anywhere in the home.

By 1987, sales had increased from 100 units in 1982 to more than 10,000 units per year. The company's exclusive distribution agreements with Valor soon expanded to Washington, Oregon and California.

Valor | Madrona Freestanding Stove

Madrona Freestanding Stove

Valor | Portrait President Freestanding

Portrait President Freestanding

Valor | Legend G3 Insert Fireplace

Legend G3 Insert Fireplace

Valor | H4 Fireplace

H4 Fireplace

Valor | Horizon Series

Horizon Series

Valor | H6 Series

H6 Series

Valor | L1 See-Thru Linear Series

L1 See-Thru Linear Series

Valor | L2 Linear Series

L2 Linear Series

Valor | L3 Linear Series

L3 Linear Series

Valor | LX2 Multi-Sided Series

Valor | LX2 Multi-Sided Series